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Custom Design for Business Professionals in Peoria, AZ

Custom Design Commercial Cabinetry create custom cabinets, break areas, and workstations in Peoria AZ. We stand behind the products we create. Delivering quality crafted cabinets and workstations are our priority. This is why we guarantee our work as well as the materials used. Our design staff can create a workstation that will maximize your work space for your office and storage needs.
Custom Design Commercial Cabinetry owner, Ken Papa, Seeing the need for commercial cabinets and counter tops , he started the business in 1987 on 78th ave and Olive in Peoira AZ. The company currently have five craftsmen working in the shop creating all types of commercial custom cabinets, workstations, and countertops.

Experienced Designers

We have over 19 years of experience creating workstations for offices, restaurants, churches, schools, more. We know not all spaces are the same. Pre-built cabinetry may not work for your specific needs. When you meet with our skilled professionals, we will measure your office space and discuss the best option for your workstation.

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